United Methodist Women

“CLUMC UMWomen – The Best Cooks at the Lake.”

Come enjoy hand made Chick ‘N’ Noodles the 4th Friday in January as well as our annual Christmas party and monthly gatherings.

Diane Fisher, Chair 210-415-1589

The organized unit of UNITED METHODIST WOMEN shall be a community of women whose purpose is:

– To know God,
– To experience freedom as whole persons through Jesus Christ,
– To develop a creative, supportive fellowship and,
– To expand conception of mission through participation in the global ministries of the church.

UMW ‘sisters’ gather most months in Church Welcome Center upstairs the 3rd Wednesday at 11 a.m. (No June or July meeting, Aug. is Dine Out and Dec. is North Pole Village). If you need a ride to a UMW gathering, or child care please call Diane Fisher, 210-415-1589 Monday before meeting. Come if any of the following things or events interest you, better yet, bring your ideas to the Gathering.

  • Lively Fellowship

  • Interesting Programs

  • Mission Projects

  • Church Work Days

  • Lots of Cooking

  • Christian Studies

  • Fund Raisers

  • Easy Crafts

  • Reading Programs

  • Dine Outs and Picnics

  • Discover Nt. Pole Village

  • Friendships and….

  • Discovering the love of Jesus Christ through close Christian relationship.

LOVE Circle was the original women’s group of CLUMC which was established close to the time the church was founded in 1980. Many of LOVE Programs were based on the United Methodist Women’s Studies which looked at current events focusing on, mission, geographical and spiritual topics. The UMW Reading Program is encouraged throughout the year as well.

We Hope to see you at one of our gatherings. You might be the answer to someone’s prayer or someone might be an answer to your prayer. There’s a chair waiting for you…and… there is a friend waiting to meet you! Please Come!


Care Bear Ministry

Our little Care Bears are tenderly “dressed” with love by the UM Women with left over bows, buttons, lace, quilts etc. and are meant to lift your spirits in times of difficulty. If you or someone have lost a loved one, or if you or your neighbor is sick or recovering from surgery, maybe you or a friend just need encouragement, please let the office know. CLUMC and Care Bears want you to know We Care!