About Us

Jesus loved all people and had a heart for the lost, the last and the least. He offered healing, hope and… forgiveness to all!  Our number one goal is to do God’s will through Jesus’ commandments,to Love God and love our neighbors. We readily acknowledge that we are imperfect but through God’s forgiveness and grace we can experience a life filled with hope and joy. The Church is a community of faith for saints and sinners who, Seek to know and love God as we strive to become more Christ-like.

CLUMC Welcomes all people no matter who you are or where you have been in life. Our doors are open to you regardless of age, sex, race, education or abilities.

Your desire to know God and his Holy Word is reason enough for you to come to, Your Friendly Neighborhood Church.

The people of the United Methodist Church promise to be of Open hearts, Open minds, and Open doors. We do not all agree on every item of faith, but we do not have to. We welcome diversity as God’s glorious creation and see it as, an expression of The Majesty of The Creator.

Come! There are Friendly People waiting to meet YOU at …. CLUMC!

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